Web Design Team

At Knight ICT we provide all our clients with both an experienced and dedicated sales consultant and a gifted web designer who together seek primarily to form a sustained and professional business relationship that is beneficial to all our stakeholders. Whether you’re a prospective client or a customer seeking to just revamp an old website, at every opportunity our employees will attempt to offer you a personalized service with tailor made solutions that fit your budget and individual requirements.


Knight ICT holds a personal commitment to providing our customers with excellent customer services. We are very customer focused and ensure our customers are always in touch with the processes and progress of their site’s development. Clients can contribute towards the creation of their website right up to the very launch of the site and the efficient and professional staff we have working on your project will be there to assist you even if you only want to make slight changes to content, add extra material or simply upgrade your customer account with us.


You can also contact us 24 hours a day for assistance from a friendly, fully trained, English speaking customer service agent who will connect you via video phone and arrange for live online support and tutorials that ensure any member of your staffing team can be made comfortable with day to day management and the operational requirement of the website.


To request information on Knight ICT client services or to arrange for one of our consultants to visit you on location, contact our head office today either by completing the online contact us form or telephoning +44 (0)7947 565 585.

Why Choose Us

  • Full 100% custom design catered to your business
  • Quality Service Guaranteed
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Professional project management