Endpoint Disk Encryption

A recent survey by Check Point reported that during a six month period, some 54,874 mobile phones, 4,718 PDAs, 3,179 laptops and 923 USB sticks were left in the London’s taxi cabs. Of course, these numbers cover just those reported lost. These computers frequently store an enterprise’s most current and valuable information.


Increasingly, portable computers also store passwords, login scripts, and certificates used to access the enterprise network. An additional, often unrecognized problem is that a PC is the most available and vulnerable starting point for access to an organization’s network. Studies of computer crime reveal that insiders pose the largest threat to security. All business and public sector organisations are now to a lesser or greater extent reliant on mobile technology and portable storage devices. The challenge is how to ensure the safety and integrity of data which is stored and transported on mobile devices such as on laptops.


Another study by the Ponemon Institute reported that 85% of survey respondents admitted that their businesses had suffered a data security breach. The average cost of a data breach was estimated at over £3 million when damage limitation exercises, loss or reputation and out of pocket expenses are taken into account.


In the UK, we are likely to see the introduction of US-style ‘Data Breach Notification’ law, which will mean that all companies which lose a device of any description which contains personal data would have to notify all customers immediately upon discovery of that breach.


How can Page Creation help mitigate your data loss problems?


Knight ICT offers a Fully Managed Endpoint Encryption Service


  • No Installations or onsite setup
  • Used by Banks, Investment companies, legal firms and more
  • 24×7 password resets
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 & MacOS
  • Global leader in data encryption, millions of users worldwide
  • Up and running within minutes


Benefits include:

  • No Maintenance & Upgrades
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Transparent to end user
  • Everything on the Endpoint is protected against loss or theft
  • Proven security. Highest certifications available
  • Powered by Check Point, the global market leader
  • Managed Service with 24×7 helpdesk
  • Plug and play deployment on-line
  • Business Continuity
  • Strong user authentication
  • Control of user access per partition/volume
  • Secure Remote Help for users who have forgotten their passwords
  • Central configuration and administration handled by Knight ICT
  • Keyboard lock and screensaver for Windows-based computers
  • Limited number of failed logon attempts with automatic locking
  • Audit logging of events, i.e. successful and failed logon attempts


Key benefits of using Knight ICT

  • 24x7 Monitoring & Support
  • Monthly On-Site Engineer
  • Complete Internet Protection
  • On-going management
  • One, low, monthly cost
  • Security & Networking Experts
  • Bespoke Consultancy
  • Quality Service Guarenteed
  • Professional project management

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