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Application visibility is critical to understanding network risks and to achieving application control. Application visibility, gives customers the ability to see streaming audio and video, file sharing, collaboration, and social networks; just a few types of applications that are capable of hopping from port to port, using encryption and non-standard ports all as a means of evading traditional firewalls.


The business value these applications provide varies widely, but without application visibility and control, all of them introduce a range of risks including loss of productivity, compliance issues, threat propagation and data leakage. Knight ICT is able to help gain visibility of your application through a few different mechanisms which will be discussed with you in detail.


Through the use of transparent Firewalls, sniffers & Netflow we will be able to help make your network much more application aware, which means you will be able to make your network compliant, improve performance and add greater security. 


  • P2P Control:

Learn how you can stop the use of P2P file sharing applications.


  • Securely Enabling SharePoint :

See how you can securely enable the use of Microsoft SharePoint.


  • Traffic Shaping and QoS for Applications:

Learn how to extend application usage policies to include traffic shaping based on a wide range of criteria including applications and users.


  • URL Filtering:

Learn why application control and URL filtering are the perfect mix for positively control model security policies.


  • Simplify PCI Compliance:

Learn how control over applications, users and content, combined with network segmentation, can reduce the complexity of PCI compliance.


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