Website Marketing & SEO Service

Whether you are actually selling products online or simply generating enquiries and leads it is internet marketing that determines whether or not your website and company's other sites reaches the 37 million people in the UK using the internet that spend an estimated £31 billion online.


Achieving high positions in search engines like Google and Yahoo! doesn't just happen. The sites you see high on the first pages of search engines are using companies like ours to create search engine optimisation campaigns.


Internet marketing is about ensuring potential customers easily find your website when they make a search related to your product or service, it's very much like having a prime location on the busiest high street.


If you require a way to increase traffic to your website, sales as well as advertising your presence online, there are two main complimentary techniques that address this in different ways - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising – and Knight ICT provides both techniques at an affordable price.


Knight ICT will provide a practical monthly one hour session based on 15 minutes of preparation time and a 45 minute telephone based hands-on consultancy clinic.


Each session deals with the specific SEO topic and is fully supported by documentation guides, an activity blog, and performance analytics. All this information is contained within the reporting dashboard that is fully integrated into your website administration area.


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